Remember, no break for Holidays!

Buda Juniors FC training sessions always take place as usual on all holidays unless we specifically inform you otherwise. Buda Juniors training sessions always take place as usual on all holidays unless we specifically inform you otherwise. We only have two breaks each year (Christmas and summer), so during the autumn/spring breaks, long weekends, ski holidays, March 15, Easter etc. we are always there!



Dear All, as you probably noticed, the number of players increased in all our groups, therefore we feel the need to make some changes to the timing of the sessions - going back to previous training time schedule - so we can provide the best possible attention to each group and of course to each player as individuals. Making this small adjustment to the training schedule is even more important when we are going indoors for the winter.

Tuesdays & Thursdays

  • Group 1: 16.30–17.15
  • Group 2: 16.30 –17.30
  • Group 3: 17.15 –18.15
  • Group 4: 18.00–19.15
  • Group 5: 18.00–19.30


  • Group 1: 09.00–09.45
  • Group 2: 09.45–10.45
  • Group 3: 10.45–11.45
  • Group 4: 11.45–13.00
  • Group 5: 11.45–13.15


New kits available

Our new kits arrived! You can get the brand new 2023/24 edition of the Buda Juniors FC kit when registering to the season, please wear it to every training session.


1% of your personal tax 

Buda Juniors FC is eligible to receive donations from your income tax! You can request that 1% of your Hungarian personal income tax be donated to support the activities of a non-profit organisation without any loss to your income until May 20th. Donate 1% of your income tax to Buda Juniors FC SE, so we can operate with extended stability.


We are back!

We've started our regular sessions on Tuesday the 29th of August.

We started with the same training schedule as we finished last year but PLEASE NOTE that there may be a few changes to our training days in September (details below).

Remember that it is our tradition that in August/September all returning children begin in the same groups that they were in last season. After a few weeks of reassessing skills and abilities, the groups will be formed. If you are unsure of which group your child is in, please contact us.

Change to September’s training that that we know of:

  • Saturday the 16th of September – Training will be on SUNDAY the 17th of September. Training times as normal.
  • Thursday the 21st of September – Training will be on FRIDAY the 22nd of September. Training times as normal.