Training Times

Our Groups

We split members into six groups for training sessions and matches, starting with Group 1 for the youngest kids and going up to Group 6 for the oldest kids. We split kids into the groups depending on a combination of age, natural skills and any previous experience. Members receive an equal opportunity of involvement, developing their self-confidence and encouraging team play at all times.

We monitor our groups carefully and sometimes decide to move some members according to changes in the combination of factors mentioned above – the end of September is a big time for change, as we have had time to assess all the new players. Each group has its own different times and fees, so if your children change group then their times and fees may also change.

The club plays regular matches against schools and other football clubs, thus giving the members a chance to try out their new skills.

G216:30-17:3016:30-17:30 09:45-10:45
G418:00-19:1518:00-19:15 11:45-13:00
G5 18:00-19:3018:00-19:3011:45-13:15

Group 1

Our aim with this group is to introduce football to younger children as a fun activity.

Games and activities are organized with the aim that they be fun and help children’s co-ordination, balance, familiarize them with the ball and work on their ability to work together as a team. This is an excellent way to introduce the game of football to those showing ‘early talent’ or fun exercise for children with energy to spare!

On Saturday mornings we take the more advanced members of Group 1 and train them separatelyThe training for these members is a stepping stone up to the next group and includes little matches. If there are enough members on Tuesdays, we also split the group in this way.

Groups 2 and 3

In these groups children begin learning basic football skills and develop a feeling for the ball and it’s movements.

Teaching times are short and skills are taught through varied activities and games whilst encouraging creative thinking and allowing the children to use their own interpretation of exercises.

Group 4

Using specially adapted exercises, this group bridges the gap for children who want to move on to a more competitive and skill-based environment. The introduction of tactics, positioning and fitness training prepares them for further advancement.

All sessions culminate in a practice game which is used to highlight the skills that have just been taught.

Groups 5 and 6

Members in these groups learn the basics of football whilst taking part in skills-based activities with team and stamina building. Training sessions vary in content and include practice games at the end of each session, with the two groups usually playing together.

Learning of physical, social and mental skills are equally important. Skills are described and demonstrated by our coaches and then players are encouraged to practice right away whilst allowing for different skill levels and rates of progress.